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Meet Tediyi

Tediyi Ejumudo is a certified skincare consultant, a natural skincare formulator and beauty entrepreneur with a BSc degree in Chemistry and an MSc degree in Environmental Management from the prestigious Kingston University London, United Kingdom. She started off with her popular line of cold pressed coconut oil, which has sold thousands of pieces all across the world. She went on to launch the first Anti-aging skincare brand in Nigeria with a focus in helping women of colour repair and maintain a healthy glowing skin to look 10 years younger.

She carefully formulates skincare products with plant based extracts and herbs that help fight free radicals that causes skin to age prematurely, thereby enhancing natural beauty with no side effects. Her products consists of whipped soaps, body butters, face toners, body scrubs, bar soaps, all formulated to delay the aging process. The advanced formulation of these products allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin’s barrier and deliver their potent ingredient more fully. Ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, AHAs amongst others are used in her formulations which all support graceful aging.

The best seller is the Velvety Whipped soap which has the ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reveals smoother, softer and brighter skin. It is suitable for face and body, giving an instant glow and younger looking skin.

Tediyi has a digital beauty hub tagged #GoToBedWithMe that has trained over 300 women with effective DIY night time skincare routine that works to eliminate skin issues, such as acne, dull skin, hyperpigmentation etc.

She also launched a beauty Ebook for DIY skincare called “Basic to Bae”, a book filled with insights on natural skincare and healthy DIY recipes that work to treat several skincare concerns.

She is a humanitarian and the Founder/President of Feed All Children Today Initiative, a foundation that caters for less privileged children and has fed over 10 thousand children till date.

The Brand

Tediyi Anti-aging skincare, is a subsidiary of Tedi Beauty Hub, a beauty online store that cares about your skin and how well you age, we care about the ingredients that goes on your skin products too. So, we have formulated natural products derived from plants and botanical extracts to help you glow and keep you looking 10 years younger.

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